Oral Presenter
Poster Presenter
Abstracts Submission

• Please use this link to submit abstract.
• Abstracts must be prepared in English. Avoid the use of other languages in figures and tables. Papers should be checked by a native English speaker before submission.
• Each manuscript should be no more than 4 pages long and must be edited strictly in accordance with the ‘Additional Instructions Authors’ below and with the Paper Template (abstract_model_3RINCsPDF | DOC).

• The style of the manuscript, including the font (Times), indentation, line spacing, and references must follow the instructions. The quality and content of the paper should be consistent with, and conform to, that of the extended abstract originally submitted. Use of commercial names in the text must be minimized. If a commercial product must be mentioned then the supplier’s name, city and state/country should be cited. Any companies with which the authors are affiliated should be mentioned only in the author byline (under the title of the paper) and, where necessary, in the acknowledgments. Leading papers selected by the Conference Organizer will be processed, and then revised and updated as necessary, for publication in special issues of the Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, which is published by Springer.

Additional Instructions for Authors

Document processing program: Authors are requested to submit the Extended Abstract in a PDF file. The file should be named with the surname of the leading author
Language: Only English should be used. Please make sure that the use of other languages in figures and tables is avoided. Papers should be checked by a native English speaker before submission.
Units: Only units of the International System are allowed.
Length of Abstract: The manuscript should be prepared in not more than 4 pages and edited strictly in accordance with the Instructions to Authors and with the Paper Model. The quality and content of the paper should be consistent with and conform to the abstract originally submitted. The use of commercial names in the text must be avoided.
List of Authors: Do not use titles (such as Prof., Ing.,) before authors’ names; The authors’ company should be mentioned only in the affiliation (under the title of the paper), and where necessary, in the acknowledgements.
Abbreviations: Abbreviations may be used as a convenience in place of certain unwieldy chemical names. Use only well-known abbreviations or acronyms: e.g. ATP, RNA. Standard chemical symbols (Ca, NaOH) and the abbreviations listed for units of measure may be used without definition. Define other abbreviations at the point of introduction, giving the acronym in parentheses. Use acronyms sparingly to avoid impeding comprehension of the text. Spell out abbreviations and symbols that begin a sentence. Avoid using abbreviations other than those standards for international usage. Titles and abstracts are frequently translated into other languages and undefined acronyms may be confusing.
Manuscript body: We recommend authors to follow sample format (click here) for the font of chapter title, line spacing, embedding figure and tables within sentences, and so on.
References: References should be included in the text using Authors’ surnames followed by the year of publication (Pivato and Ferguson, 2008). If there are more than two authors, the surnames of the first two authors could be mentioned, followed by “et al.” (ex: Cossu R., Raga R. et al., 2008). Please use Normal style (not Italic). All references included within the text should be reported as a list in a chapter at the end of the text according to the style illustrated in the enclosed example. References should be listed in alphabetical order according to the first Author’s surname.

Oral Presenters:

• Presentation Length:

• All presentation must be scheduled for 20 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of Q & A.
• Please keep to the time limit. Chairperson may force you to finish the presentation if you do not follow the instruction.

• Presentation Data:

Please note the following points when preparing your presentation material.
• Computers at the venue will be installed with Windows 8.
• PowerPoint 2007 or its compatible will be installed on the computers.
• Please use standard fonts which are initially equipped with OS, such as Times New Roman, Century, Century Gothic, and Arial, to avoid broken layout of your presentation data.
• We recommend you to save your material in PDF format to avoid layout and encoding problems.
• Link to any online/offline resource should be executed under individual responsibility.
• Each room has only one screen.
• Bring your presentation material saved in a USB flash drive (please make sure to run virus check before bringing the data). Your file must be copied to a PC in the venue. Donot operate the presentation file via the USB drive. Name your file as “Oral Number-Presenter’sLastName.ppt”. Ex) : S1-2_Smith.ppt

• Data Registration and Presentation Instruction:

• Please finish data registration by the morning of your presentation date at the operation desk in the room you will be presenting at.
• Be at the room before the session begins. Your presentation might be skipped when the chairperson cannot confirm your attendance.
• When speaking, use the mouse and/or the keyboard to forward pages of your presentation file.
• Follow the session chair’s instruction.

Poster Presenters:

Please follow the instruction below.

• Style

o Stand in front of your poster before your session starts.
o You may bring in the sample of the experiment or any material related to your research. However, things which are bulky, require power sources, or intended for commercial purposes are not accepted.

• Schedule

o Mount your poster up during assigned time. You are also responsible for removing your poster during the assigned date and time.
<Poster Mounting Hours> XXXXXXXX
<Poster Removing Hours> XXXXXXX

• Preparation

Secretariat will provide:
o Poster number
o Mounting tape/pins

Poster presenters should prepare:
o 20 cm x 70 cm note with “abstract title”, “presenter’s name”, and “affiliation”.
o Poster (200 cm x 90 cm maximum)