Waste management is a great challenge worldwide, especially in the Asia-Pacific’s megacities, which are currently experiencing substantial economic growth. From the perspective of the social structure and background of waste generation, it is our mission to promote proper waste management and spread the concept of the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) in our societies. It has become a common goal for the international community to minimize both raw material consumption and establish a society with a minimal environmental load by minimizing waste generation and encouraging cyclic use and proper waste treatment and disposal. The basic concept of 3R is to establish a Sound Material-Cycle Society and at the same time aim to preserve resources and control hazardous substances.

The 3R concept is closely associated with entire communities. It will affect various social aspects, such as the direction of industry, patterns of consumption, use of resources and energy, and our relationship with the environment. It will also require the establishment of much more effective policy systems. We should respect the need for this concept to become deeply rooted in our society and should promote technologies, social systems, and policy research to back up and establish better 3R principles and waste management systems.

The aim of 3RINCs is to provide, and serve as a platform for, academic activities that promote a 3R society. The relationship between 3RINCs and Regional 3R Forum in Asia-Pacific is complementary. 3RINCs aims to provide scientific and technical input to policy discussions at the intergovernmental Regional 3R Forum around emerging issues of concern. A wide range of academic fields, including physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine, policy science, economy, and law, need to serve as keystones that support 3R development. It is essential that we strengthen mutual ties and have interdisciplinary discussions across these areas.